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Welcome to RFID Antenna Cables Online!

We specialize is connecting RFID Readers to RFID Antennas.

RFID Antenna cables are grouped into two categories:

  1. Cables which connect RFID Readers to Antennas
  2. Extension Cables which connect two RFID cables together

If you don't see what you are looking for or you require specialized connectors, simply design your own cable using our Build Your Own RFID Antenna Cable tool.

Our cables work with RFID Readers from manufacturers such as Impinj, Alien, Zebra, Motorola, Invengo, ThingMagic, and many others.

Supported RFID Readers include the Impinj Speedway Revolution, the Alien F800-X and Alient 9900+, Zebra FX7500 and FX9500, as well the ThingMagic Mercury 6, and Invengo XC-RF861, XC-RF850, and XC-RF807 RFID Readers and many other generic RFID Readers.

We support RFID Antennas from Laird, Times-7, MTI Wireless, NeWave Sensor, RFMAX and as well as many generic RFID Antennas.

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Looking for RFID Software?

RFID Revolution Express is easy to use RFID Middleware that works with the majority of RFID Readers!